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Fri, 05 Feb




A KFDF Film Club is an educational body dedicated to teaching and training aspects of filmmaking including such subjects as film production, Photography, film theory, digital media production, and scriptwriting. KFDF Film Clubs in different regions of the country empower Film makers.

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Time & Location

05 Feb 2021, 16:00 – 17 Dec 2021, 16:00


About the Event

A film Club is an educational body dedicated to teaching and training aspects of filmmaking including such subjects as film production, Photography, film theory, digital media production, and scriptwriting.

Introduction of a School film club allows for Beginners Film courses and hands-on technical training which are incorporated in the film club curricula. Technical training includes instruction in the use and operation of cameras, lighting equipment, film or video editing equipment and software, and other relevant equipment. 

The KFDF Film Clubs also embrace courses and training in such subjects as television production, broadcasting, audio engineering and Animation.

There will be an opportunity to discover evolution in visual storytelling to empower young storytellers, inspire story lovers and nurture the limitless power of creativity in them.

As a way of expanding film knowledge and skills to the Nation, we have been approved to introduce Film clubs to all regions of the Country. This is to create an opportunity for the young giants to tap into this artistic skill development life-Tool while they are still at a younger age.

Joining a creative Club is a major step in a Film maker's life. For some it is seen as a natural and seamless progression, for others a major upheaval. Regardless of how it is viewed, this change involves Young Film makers coping with a reorganisation of their identity and status as they move from step to step into the industry.


1. Skill Development

Compared levels of learning, Film Clubs provide a platform to experiment and build a concrete foundation for further education. Film Makers who always join film clubs are proved to be well rounded and diversified. Participation in this club does not only boost one's resume for further studies or work applications but also provides essential life skills they can use in the future. These skills include teamwork, creativity, organizational skills, leadership, critical thinking, and social skills. Early development of these skills allows the young Film maker to hone and sharpen them during their time in upper life.

2. Engagement in Learning Improves academic performance - to students

Participating in Film Club impacts the academic and social performance of the student involved based on their level of involvement. Skills such as academic autonomy, cultural participation, educational involvement, life management, establishing and clarifying purpose increase in direct relation to the level of involvement.

Members are always excited about subject area, they look for ways to build relationships and make connections to develop greater understanding.

Ø Hands-on experiences “Learning by Doing”. This builds skills and attitudes that demonstrate competence.

Ø Education focus encourages a higher degree of self-motivation and capacity to learn and create,


• Having club officers suggest an educational program – inviting a guest speaker, arranging for a Movie Premier, planning for a special workshop, assisting with a club quality assurance, safety, participating in a charity program within the region, etc.

• Provide “hands-on” learning opportunities. Youth learn best when they can use multiple senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching).

• Making learning activities “real life experiences”.

• Encouraging members to compete and participate in inter school film festivals for achievement and outstanding members are recognised for excellence.

3. Increases Social Network

Young Film makers can find it difficult to make friends with random people. Participating in KFDF Film club allows them to find common ground between others of the same category which can hopefully start a friendship. These friendships are so essential as they provide a place for social interaction for a brighter future.

4. Networking

Meeting and working with people and creating connections provides opportunities in the future when searching for jobs. Even if the connection is weak, the more connections one has the higher the chance he/she has when job searching. Those connections can either direct or recommend their friends to those who are hiring in hopes to land a job. Being part of a film project is an opportunity of an open door.

5. Resume

A resume is a list of accomplishments an individual has achieved throughout their lifetime that they wish to include when applying for a job. The resume and quality of it are essential when applying as it is a direct representation of the individual it belongs to. Participation in Film club and organizations allows the young Film maker to add that information to the resume and in turn making it stronger. This will help upcoming Film makers explore career opportunities through project works and experiences.


1. Film Production

2. Acting

3. Script Writing

4. Costume Designing

5. Props Management

6. Lighting Management

7. Sound Management

8. Photography

9. Visual Editing

10. Commercial Adverts creation

11. School Film Festivals

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