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14 July, 08:00 EAT – 16 July, 21:00 EAT



Developing African Cinema For Economic Transformation.


EXhibitions, Workshops, Film Screenings, Forums & more


The film industry world over is known as a multibillion dollars industry in generating revenue and employment.

Nollywood being the second largest film industry in production with a projected worth of $6.4B in 2021, contributing about 2.3% towards Nigeria GDP. While the American film and Television industry being the largest supports 2.2m jobs, pays out $192B in total wages and comprises of more than 110,000 businesses.

The Uganda film and television industry is estimated to generate about $50m per year according to the UNDP report of 2021.This is a very far position to be from the Nollywood one but it is also a pointer to tap into the huge untapped opportunity to become partakers of huge
multi-billion dollars that are invested in the film industry and this is proof of concept that the film industry is worth our attention ,the best season and time to bring THE FILM AND CULTURE MARKET.



The Film and Culture Market 2023 is a three days annual event with a Film summit that focuses on shinning a spotlight on the Uganda’s film industry empowering filmmakers, as well as promoting Uganda as a filming destination to the world. The Market emphasizes on culture
export, collaborations, market creation, dialogue, investment attraction and appreciating the fact that film can be used as an Engine for Development of the African Economy and inspire change through engaging audiences and reflecting society not limited to developing

The Film and Culture Market will be celebrating the second edition and is set to return once again this July 2023.THE MARKET IS THE LARGEST CELEBRATION OF THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES IN AND OUTSIDE UGANDA more so East Africa and this year 2023 promises to be the biggest one yet.

This year’s edition unveils yet another beautiful special event THE FILM SUMMIT with a theme .



NOTE; we will be hosting 6 speakers from the biggest and established film industries in Africa west Africa ,south Africa and East Africa.

The first Edition attracted thousands of young film makers, 30 Film titles screened,15 fashion designers,7 music artists,3 production studios and We trained 125 young people into the film departments like Acting, Digital marketing, Directing for film, inclusion of the persons with Disabilities, make-up for film and paid more than Six million shillings in screenings, attracted one collaboration of a short that introduced one Female as first time producer.

The market is a unique Event that promises to record great success and attract thousands of film investors and is well established as one of Uganda’s cultural event in the Entertainment fixtures. Since our first anniversary, the film and culture market was staged in 2021, the market has brought together a vibrant mix of creatives, distributors, designers, studios and content buyers from around the world and in
Uganda’s cuisine in a lively and family-friendly environment that perfectly reflects Uganda’s culture and East Africa at large


In addition to the market’s main stage which hosts the biggest and best stars of Film, Music, fashion, and dance in Uganda. The event will host a film pavilion, stalls serving traditional food drinks, films, Dance and Sounds as well as a large fun fair for children and those who are young at heart.

As the Uganda’s growing and largest exhibition for the East African community and interests, we present East Africa’s unspoken Cultural cousins and Talent to take on the world as an Entertainment Hub. East Africa has Well-established countries that can show case businesses, investors, studios, distributors Bar brand exhibit, culture and creative concepts to make the market the ultimate showcase of East Africa /Africa creative heritage.

For the above reasons, Kampala Film Development Foundation (KFDF) together with YO TV CHANNELS seeks a partnership with you, to help us successfully execute the Film and Culture Market 2023. In our effort to effect the real change in the job market through bringing the Uganda Film Industry on the market calendar.

Join us as we bring 14,000 plus people making it one of Uganda’s largest creative mass community participation events of any kind. 30 fashion designers,300 film makers, 120 trainees, 15 Dance groups,3 cultural troops, 20 international distribution studios and the attainees.

The Film and Culture market 2023 is between Uganda and other countries most importantly The East African Countries. This makes it the perfect platform for promoting your business to the East African market and all those who are interested in Uganda.


Brand Endorsement to more than 14,000 people
• 15,000 followers on Facebook

• 100,000 flyers and posters to be distributed at the event
• Branding at the most visible point at the event
• Targeted Brand exposure
• Community inclusive activations for the market .
• Special sales of your brand products

We have been constantly developing strategies and techniques to improve added services we provide our sponsors within our chosen markets, please follow more details on the objectives below at the Sponsorship package table. We believe that following a methodology that has been trained, tested and proven is without a doubt the best way to ensure we consistently and reliably achieve a high level of service, which surpasses our clients expectations.


A Wide Audience
Relate directly
With Your Consumers
Create, develop and enhance creativity
Targeted marketing


Main Sponsors association rights to be granted

Brand identity will be merged to all event training

Stage jumbo screen and site perimeter banner, advertising at event press coverage in all media partners.

6 meters width stall allocation within ‘main sponsor” area located section on our website which will enable traffic re-direction

Highlighted exposure on all TV and Radio partner

Radio advert including branding to be produces and wired via radio and social networks

A viral video campaign including branding to be produced

Branding to be incorporated on Newsletters of 22,000 mail outs

Branding to be incorporated on 14-20,000 entry wrist bands together with other main sponsors

Branding to be added to all web marketing campaigns, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok etc.

Database collection share for details collected from sponsored event

10 VIP wrist bands for you and your guests Media launch branding before main event

After-party brand exposure



The Uganda Film Industry over the year has been supported with mostly independent producers who are not funded by any entity while other industries have more funders and grants that help them compete on many markets.

The Government support is very limited

Lack of sufficient access to filming studios

Heavy taxation at various levels of production

Hardly any form of public funding dedicated to the development of the local film industry

Due to the high cost of film training most of Uganda’s film makers are self- taught

The sector is largely informal

The Film and Culture market 2023 brings solutions to such challenges by attracting local and international studios, audiences and investors because the Ugandan film industry is a potential goldmine for jobs, culture exchange, societal mindset change as well as the general socio-economic transformation of our Nation


Today Uganda communication Communication (UCC) has played a very big role in helping local film makers better their craft in film making. The quantity of our films has improved at a rate of 48%, the quality has also increased by 38%.

We have many films produced but stack at the producer’s hand, the Film and Culture market is here to create the market for the largely produced films and give them exposure.


This means the choice is in our hands

How well do we attract more collaboration?

How well do we promote ourselves and products?

How well do we execute and deliver our products

Work on the narrative about how we are perceived by telling our own stories and telling it right to the world at large.


And Objectives Expected Results

1) To provide a forum to film makers from Uganda and other countries to showcase and share their talents with a wider audience

Increased awareness of diversity of Film and culture. Robust team work.

2) To promote use of Film as a medium to promote Culture in our communities .

Amplified Patriotism, improved Tourism .

3) To attract Film related investments Improved Film Productions and Tax


4) Advise Government Ministries and agencies in devising film-friendly
policies Film Production Incentives,


Increased Film Productions.

5) To assisting with the distribution channels of locally produced films to the broader market

Increased Revenue

6) Educate citizens and help them appreciate the full potential of the Film Value

Increased Film productions, Human capital/Job creation, and improved livelihood.

7) To circulate information about film training programs and film schools or institutes within the countries.

Access to Film Knowledge, Professional Film making services.


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